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So I was laying in bed…and then it hit me

Why am I scared of drawing suggestive things again? I’m going to be 21 in 16 days and

1- barely developed in this area of my life…only way to fix it is to explore

2- there are like 5 elements to drawing these things I would enjoy… specifically the fact I LOVE drawing the human figure, mouths, expressions, and as bad as it sounds, i have an odd interest of drawing thicker liquids ._. youknow…blood and saliva… (but it could account for other things?)

3- I’ll probably be judged but I know I’m just drawing what I want to draw at the moment. 

now Question being:

Should I tag any of said work as nsfw or make a new blog for it…what do you guys say? (any feed back would be so helpful…this kind of thing is hard for me and I don’t want to make people upset over it ;-; )?

  1. shenkena said: *Wipes drool* What? Oh, yes, tag please :)
  2. kururu-pon answered: definitely tag >D it keeps things in a neat little package o3o I don’t really see why people would be upset but…give fair warning XDD
  3. quietwakid answered: It’s usually a good idea to tag stuff as NSFW, yeah.
  4. nanapop answered: omg ouo I say just tag it nsfw, because then people can just block it and stuff.
  5. amkii answered: At least tag it. :)
  6. jinglerambles posted this